Are you making the most of your people? 

It’s a simple question, but one with lots of answers. And more questions: what people do you need? How are you selecting them? Are your competitors hiring them instead? Who are your competitors?

What are your people doing once you’ve hired them? Is it what you need them to do – now and in future? Do they have the right skills? Do they enjoy it – and does that even matter?

Do you have an organisational culture aligned to your strategy, one that drives and rewards the right behaviours? How do you measure this? What do your people think about it?

Come to think of it, do you even need people, or should you build robots instead?

Just a few of the questions you need be able to answer if you’re making the most of your people.

Priestman Associates is a small firm of people strategy and talent experts. We are passionate about helping organisations make the most of their people.

We work with clients to help identify the right questions to ask – and to develop answers that give you a competitive edge and maximise the return on your biggest investment.

We specialise in three things: people strategy, leadership capability, and culture and performance.

We work with clients to help answer these questions and more: to help organisations make their people work. If you’re wrestling with any of these questions then contact us – murray@priestmanassociates.com – we’d love to talk.

And if you can answer all those questions then still get in touch: we’d love to know how you’ve done it.

Priestman Associates: making people work.