How we work

What we do is important, but how we do it matters just as much. At Priestman Associates we have five core values:

We are client-centric
This could mean everything and nothing – after all, who doesn’t claim to put the client first? For us it means several things: it means that we recognise you know more about your organisation than us, and we will work collaboratively with you to apply our skills and experience to your unique context.

It means that we will consider your clients, and ensure their voice and experience are incorporated into our solutions. And it means we take an iterative and collaborative, design thinking-style approach to our work, testing ideas and products at every stage in the process.

We are challenging
We aim to help you see problems differently, and to co-create solutions you wouldn’t otherwise have identified. Doing this can mean challenging assumptions, and that can lead to interesting conversations and awkward moments – but the alternative is pretty boring, and we wouldn’t be doing the job we want to do if we weren’t prepared to challenge you.

We are agile
We have a small core team of experts, and we leverage a wide global network of specialist associates. This allows us to build a team with the skills and experience you need for your situation. We can quickly scale up and down, and you won’t ever be paying for resources you don’t need, or people that aren’t quite right for you.

We are independent
We have a wide network of contacts and a deep understanding of the leading HR vendors and platforms, but we don’t have any commercial partnerships or ties to specific companies.

This means that we can work with you to find the best solutions for your needs, not steer you towards a vendor because we have a vested interest in winning them business.

We are socially conscious
We’re unlikely to change the world in the short term, but we still want to make a difference through our work. That might be in small ways – we won’t bring reams of paper to our meetings – or a bit bigger: we are committed to regular pro bono work with not-for-profit partners.

We also donate one percent of all pre-tax revenue to charity – and if that’s your share of our revenue then you can nominate the charity that benefits.


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