A change in leadership or new role

Taking over leadership of an organisation or HR function is an obvious time to review the current state and set out the future direction.

This might mean gaining an in-depth understanding and validation of the current strategy, or it could involve a wider planning process to ensure that the organisation has the people capability it needs and an HR function to enable that.


You may be a new CEO, COO or CHRO stepping into a new role or organisation.

How deeply does your team understand the detail beneath the organisation or function you now lead? Are they clear on the key talent, the leadership capability, and what skills you will need to deliver your strategy? Do you have the right people in the right places and an organisational culture that will drive results? Are your people engaged, and how are their attitudes changing?


We work with CEOs and Heads of HR to ensure the people strategy is aligned to wider organisational priorities, and the HR function is fit for purpose: the right structure, capabilities, processes and governance. This can also involve measuring the organisational culture and tracking changing attitudes.

This can involve shorter audits or reviews; engaging with (internal and external) stakeholders, reviewing strategy, and benchmarking to help C-suite leaders understand the current state of the people strategy. Or at the other end of the spectrum, we work with leadership teams to facilitate the development of aligned and fit-for-purpose people and HR strategies, providing external input, context and challenge.


We help clients get clarity and confidence in their people strategy, and affirm their  vision for making the most of their people. This can include a better understanding of priority focus areas and how the organisation compares to leading peers and competitors.

It certainly includes confidence that the people strategy is aligned to the current organisational priorities and direction. And in turn this provides clients with the framework and context for the delivery all HR and people-related activity.

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