Digital transformation and automation

The automation of work is well underway, and the implications for the global workforce will ultimately be enormous. It is estimated that almost every role will be affected by automation, with perhaps 375m people globally needing to change their occupation as a result. CEOs are responding accordingly; 66% see the skills gap caused by automation as a top ten organisational priority. 47% are already “deeply involved” in automation projects.


You may be a CHRO, CIO or Transformation Lead.

Your organisation may have a focus on digital, but is it clear on the people impact? Fewer people perhaps, but what capabilities will you need less and more of? Which roles and teams will be more important? What behaviours will your leaders need to lead a digital organisation? How do employees feel about a digital future, and how will you ensure the change is accompanied by increased performance and engagement? How will the work environment need to change to reflect the future of work for your organisation?


A focus on increased automation should be accompanied by an aligned people strategy. We work with clients to manage the Four Rs of automation implementation: reskilling, recruitment, retrenchment and reinforcement.

This includes defining the future skills needed – and the people that will need them. We help understand changing employee attitudes towards a digital future, and work with senior leaders at an individual and team level to ensure that they have the capability required to lead now and in the future.


We help clients ensure that the transition from current state to a more automated future is managed smoothly and proactively. Leaders can buy into and sell the strategy, and employees are engaged in the process. Reskilling and recruitment are aligned, and there is an holistic approach to embedding the new model.

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Read and download our paper “The robots are coming- don’t panic!“, which looks at the importance of integrating automation and people strategy.



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