Mergers, acquisitions and divestments

Most deal and transaction activity concentrates on analysis of past and future financials, growth prospects and market trends. Any people focus over and above a review of employee relations liabilities and remuneration is often limited to the lock-in of a handful of key individuals for a few years. And yet it is practically a cliche that intangibles such as leadership quality and culture are hugely important – never more so than in the deadline-driven deal environment.


You may be a leader evaluating or overseeing the acquisition or integration of an organisation, or you could be a private equity manager or asset manager focused on acquiring and managing stand-alone assets.

How do you assess individuals or leadership teams – the people responsible for past and future performance of the assets in question – during the deal process? Are you clear on the cultural (mis) alignment between organisations, and how far this matters? Who must you retain, and who is less critical? Is there a strong succession pipeline? How do employees on both sides of the deal feel, and do they understand the rationale? Does this matter? And how will your leaders drive that change?


We provide end-to-end support across the deal cycle to help clients assess the leadership capability and organisational culture of potential acquisitions. We support post-integration through senior leadership development, executive coaching, and leadership alignment workshops to ensure cohesion and clarity. We also work with clients to track employee attitudes, and sentiment, helping them understand how their people are feeling – and why that matters.


Transaction success is measured by financial outcomes – costs saved, synergies achieved, future IPO price – but few people involved would understate the influence of effective leadership in achieving these targets. We help clients ensure that key leaders and their teams are aligned on the required deal outcomes, and are structured and proactive in managing and engaging their people to deliver.

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