Culture and performance

Ah, “culture”.

It’s widely reported as eating strategy for breakfast, being intangible and impossible to measure, it’s how we do things round here, and it’s generally accepted as being quite important.

Culture is an output. It’s the environment and behaviours you create as a result of the practices, policies and behaviours you define and reinforce; if you hire criminals and incentivise conflict then you will create a culture of violence.

We help clients define, build, and yes, measure fit-for-purpose organisational culture.

Some of the key activities we focus on include performance management, assessment, succession planning and engagement surveys.

Risk culture effectiveness 

There has seldom been more focus on how organisations and their employees manage risk.

This means that defining, reinforcing and measuring your organisation’s risk culture is a strategic priority for senior leaders and their Boards. Read and download a summary of our approach and unique model.

Risk culture paper pic

Our expertise comes from having worked extensively in financial services, and our approach was designed by our Principal, who was most recently Global Head of Talent for Macquarie Group.

Performance management

Good performance management contains seven elements.

Seven elements

We use this framework to help clients with the design of performance management models, including process and tools (design and implementation), upskilling and manager / employee capability.


For both selection and development. Strategy, design and implementation. What skills and behaviours should you be hiring for or promoting? We have extensive experience of using psychometric and other assessment tools, including gamified assessments, machine learning and algorithm-driven tools, and help clients understand and implement the appropriate model, including vendor selection and management.

Engagement surveys

Measurement of employee engagement and sentiment through engagement survey strategy (including exit surveys, onboarding and pulse surveys), question and survey design, delivery, analysis and advisory.

Read this article by our Principal to get a fresh perspective on engagement surveys.

Succession planning

This includes strategy and implementation (development of succession planning process and tools, advisory support), evaluation of successor potential (including aspiration, technical capability and leadership skill).