Leadership capability

There’s not a single competitive advantage any organisation has that doesn’t ultimately stem from decisions or actions taken by its people. And the biggest influence on the behaviour of those people is – of course – the quality of leadership they are exposed to.

We work with clients to help build world-class leadership capability that has an organisational impact. Click here to read more and download a summary of our approach..

We have deep experience both in-house and as partners and consultants to organisations on leadership development strategy and delivery.

Current state reviews

This is an audit of current state leadership development activity against our proprietary nine elements model. Consisting of interviews, desk-based review and comparison against leading practice globally, clients receive a summary of current state leadership development along with recommended priority action areas.

AuditIt’s usually a short piece of work and a great platform to build on (see images, above). Particularly helpful if you’re a new CHRO or Head of Leadership, or are thinking of reviewing your strategy and approach.

Leadership strategy and frameworks

We help clients develop a holistic leadership development strategy. This typically includes defining or updating leadership capabilities, how to build capability and the implications for all people processes and activity.

Our approach typically includes workshops, interviews and engagement with business and external stakeholders, and the output is a leadership strategy aligned to organisational need.

We also have extensive experience in designing leadership capability and competency frameworks.

Program and activity design

We have deep experience of designing leadership development programs, from short sessions to multi-day residential programs. This includes in-house experience and partnering with specialist vendors (e.g. eLearning). We have an extensive global network of associates that we leverage to ensure world-class quality of design expertise and up-to-date thinking.

Delivery and facilitation

We bring qualified executive coaches, highly experienced facilitators and a wealth of delivery experience. This comes from working with public and private sector clients around the world, and includes co-delivery with clients and other external partners. And as with the design, we can tap into our global network of associates to build a bespoke team to meet each client’s needs.