People strategy

Most organisations will have a strategy. A vision, document or set of priorities that defines what they will and won’t allocate time, resources and effort to.

It is a given that the HR function should ensure there is a people strategy in place that aligns to, and enables delivery of, the organisational strategy. But doing this really well isn’t always straightforward; there’s benefit in using a structured process and models to develop the strategy, which can require a skillset that’s not always found in-house, while pure strategy consultants don’t necessarily have the HR functional context and understanding that makes the people strategy, well, people-focused.

People strategy

We work with senior (HR) leadership to facilitate the design of a people strategy aligned to wider organisational needs and priorities. This typically includes the audit and review of current state (using proprietary maturity models), voice of the customer input and external benchmarking.

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HR transformations

We can provide expertise in the definition of HR functional operating models and organisational design, helping clients design fit-for-purpose HR structures that will maximise the impact and value delivered by the function.

HR programs and initiatives

This includes HR program management (business case development, program scoping and delivery) and HR procurement advisory: we provide advice on / management of HR RFPs and vendor selection, helping clients to deliver complex HR initiatives.