Why us

There are many consultancies and specialists who do what we do, all of whom are unique and special. There are three reasons why we believe we are unique too:

Deep in-house experience

We bring many years’ experience in senior HR and Talent roles across a range of countries and organisations. This means we understand first-hand the challenges and issues involved in making things happen and bringing ideas to life.

Some career consultants can tend to believe all organisations run like they do in MBA textbooks, and won’t offer realistic or practical solutions. Our in-house experience means we’ve been holding the baby many times when the consultants left the building, so we focus hard on designing practical real-life solutions for our clients.

Strategic consulting skillset

We have wide consulting experience from delivering end-to-end HR and people projects for a diverse mix of clients. This allows us to bring a broader perspective and more strategy expertise than most in-house HR functions, where this isn’t something typically built (and if it is then let’s talk – that’s an expensive niche skillset you’ve got there, are you sure you want that fixed cost on your payroll?).

And because we focus on people strategy and HR functions, we can offer more functional expertise than many strategy consultants who do “strategy” for everyone.

Flexibility and value

We have a small core team supported by a wide network of associates. This allows us to build a team that is exactly right for your needs – and if we’re not right then we will say so, and help you find the best partner if we can.

It also means that you are only paying for the consultants that you need, and you’re not funding our big head office, global support function or other irrelevant costs. We may not be low cost, but this does mean that we can provide you excellent value relative to many of our peers and competitors.